This is the long lost nations trophy, some believe it never existed, those that had heard of it, had never seen it.

We owe a great deal of gratitude to Carmel Vekins, organiser of many Liffey Descents as part of her role in the Irish Canoe Union Long Distance Racing Committee. Carmel found this in an unmarked box if her attic and has returned it to Canoeing Ireland at the recent book launch in City Hall.

The nations trophy was originally commissioned by the Coca Cola Bottlers and was awarded to the nation with the fastest aggregate time from a K2 and 2 x K1 ‘s, from any country or federation. To the best of our knowledge this trophy has not been presented since 1978. We hope to rectify that this year.

This along with all the other perpetual trophies are a key part of the legacy that has been left to us by the founders of the Liffey Descent.

C2 Canoe Mixed Doubles Perpetual Trophy

We will also be commissioning 2 new trophies with thanks to Carmel’s help. The trophy above will be introduced in the C2 Canoe Mixed Doubles class and the one below will be introduced in the C3 Canoe Triples. We are recognising that both of these classes have grown considerably in the past number of years. In keeping with the legacy of perpetual trophies it seems appropriate to continue this tradition.

C3 Canoe Triples Perpetual Trophy

We hope to create a section on the website and post images and the background to all the perpetual trophies that are in existence, give us a week so though, we have a race to run.

So thanks again to Carmel and as always Mick Feeney for the photographs.

P.S. 2 more sleeps.


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